By submitting this application, Applicant (1) Warrants and represents that all information, statements, and representations provided in connection with the Credit Application are true to the best of applicant's knowledge and belief (2) may be relied upon by the creditor receiving this information and (3) supplier and / or Credit Bureau can investigate your business for the purpose of establishing credit and Credit Bureau rating, including but not limited to evaluation of credit histories, Credit Bureau reports , other supplier experiences, credit references, financials, and other lawful sources (collectively, Credit Information) and that (4) the references listed herein are hereby authorized by the Applicant to release the information requested and that (5) Supplier or Credit Bureau may use email or cell phone numbers provided for the contemplated uses. The term Supplier refers to any entity from which credit terms are or may be requested by the Applicant now or in the future, and Credit Bureau refers to Credit2B and its affiliates that are providers of Credit Information.

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